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JAN 10 - Willy D's
Little Rock, AR

JAN 19-24 - Tickler's
(Bourbon/St. Peter) New Orleans, LA

JAN 28 - Private Corporate
Las Vegas, NV

JAN 30 - Writer's Round @ The Commodore (West End)
8-9pm Nashville, TN

FEB 13/14 - Holy Cow
Colorado Springs, CO

FEB 16-24 - Tickler's
(Bourbon/St. Peter) New Orleans, LA

MARCH 2015 -  The Red Piano
St. Maarten, Caribbean

APRIL 2-4 - Michael Murphy's
Oklahoma City, OK

APRIL 10/11 - Oaklawn Park 5-8pm
Hot Springs, Arkansas

APRIL 23-MAY 1 - Tickler's
(Bourbon/St. Peter) New Orleans, LA

MAY 2 - Road to Nashville
Hot Springs, Arkansas

AUGUST 1-31The Red Piano NORWAY
Trondheim, Norway

NOVEMBER 1-30 -  The Red Piano
St. Maarten, Caribbean

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